For some it’s a nightmare, for others pure comedy but no matter how you feel about Danielle Bregoli’s way to fame, the angsty teen might have earned more than her fifteen minutes in the spotlight. Well-known Florida rapper, Kodak Black just released his visual for “Everything 1K”, a Worldstar Hip-Hop Exclusive vid.

Haters will hate and fans will fall more inlove with her “no filter” personality as they peep this young teen acting like an O.G.. It’s nothing new for the scene, but “Cash Me Ousside” has definitely made it beyond meme culture and penetrated the music industry. Tell us what you think…

You Know Kodak


And Of Course, The Infamous ‘Cash Me Ousside’ Girl

Since appearing on Dr.Phil, Danielle Bregoli has earned quite the social media following but has her moment in the spotlight turned into a big break for this bossy chick?
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She’s Certainly Made Waves On The Social Media Scene

But could this video elevate Danielle’s career or will her fame fizzle out with time?

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Watch ‘Cash Me Ousside’ turn all the way up for the cause in the video on PAGE 2