Cardi B made her way into fame by simply being herself and it is certainly paying off for the Bronx native.  A true bottom to the top tale of success, the 25-year-old rapper, has climbed her way to success, one stepping stone at a time.


Cardi has no shame in her game and that is ultimately what makes her so loveable.  It’s clear that the ex-dancer knows what it means to struggle and consequently knows what it means to hustle and for this reason she is relatable, in her own unique way.



Sure, Cardi has a reputation for doing the most but it’s her unapologetic  character and ambition that propelled her to the top.

For many of her fans Cardi proves two things. One being that you can build your dream and live the life you long for if you work hard enough and two, that you can do it by being yourself.


There is no mistaking that this gangsta princess has made her way to the top by being true to herself and her Bronx roots but Rolling Stone had to ask, will Cardi ever switch up her game and try rapping with a more concious flow or nah?

Well, what do you think?

READ AHEAD to learn what Cardi had to say about joinging the likes of Kendrick and J.Cole…