There are so many beautiful women out there…no, there are approximately 3.6 billion women on this planet and 3.6 billion of them are beautiful.


You need to hear it more, ladies!




The only thing that truly matters is how you treat people and what is inside your heart, not what some magazine or social media tells you is attractive.


You. Are. Beautiful.




No matter their size, shape, culture, financial status – every single woman past, present, and future is a perfect example of beauty.


Everyone is different, but one thing is unfortunately something many of those 3.6 billion women share: poor self-image.




Millions of women go under the knife to fit into the idea of what this man thinks or that man says is how women should look.


You don’t need that just because someone says you do!


Flip over to the next page to see what Cardi B looked like before having that plastic surgery!

Rapper/reality TV star Cardi B admitted to going under the knife to enhance a few things she didn’t feel were up to par.


Back it up for me

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This is how you’re used to seeing the star of Love and Hip-Hop: New York but some old school photos of Cardi B when she was just Belcalis Almanzar from the Bronx have surfaced recently.


This Photo Doesn’t Look That Old


You can see it’s her, just a much different version like there’s less of her in that selfie. But guess what? She still looks great!


This One Wasn’t Taken Yesterday For Sure


She looks to be a teenager in the photo and guess what? Yup, still gorgeous.


Sadly, Cardi B has admitted to having illegal cosmetic surgery done to save some money. That should never be an option, ladies!


Please don’t ever risk your life to fit what a man says you should look like. You are all beautiful and you are all loved just the way you are!


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