It might be the most misunderstood of all skin conditions. They have very little to do with serious situations like moles or lentigines. Instead, they are nothing more than concentrated areas where there is more melanin in the melanocytes than normal. All scientific mumbo jumbo aside, people with freckles know the struggle. Once exposed to sunlight, these little beauty marks become prevalent, and depending on your susceptibility, you could have a few located around your nose and forehead, or hundreds covering all the surfaces of your dermis.

For some, the look is akin to something cute or even clownish. Rarely would one consider them to be beautiful or poetic. But one look at the portraits provided here in should change all that. These lovely redheaded and fair-complexioned people all have them, and there’s is no arguing their attractiveness. Some of them are so gorgeous they will take your breath away. So forget your Howdy Doodys and your Pippi Longstockings. Freckles are fine, and fascinating, and when part of the people picture here – fabulous.

Such Beauty In Such A Setting


Those Blue Eyes Are Quite Mesmerizing


Red And Radiant


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