It was the little movie that could, a simple indie fright flick that ended up becoming a massive global box office hit and genre phenomenon. Before it arrived on the scene, few knew the name of director Oren Peli or the title Paranormal Activity. Now, with six movies in the franchise and a wealth of imitators behind, this story of a couple being tormented by an unseen force redefined the scary movie marketplace.

This Is Where It All Began



And This Is Where The Paranormal Activity Franchise Ended



How? Well, just like The Blair Witch Project, the original Paranormal Activity cost pennies to make. About $15K to be exact. It went on to make nearly $200 million. Now that’s a nice return on your celluloid investment. Together, all the PA films have brought in almost a billion dollars – $889 million to be exact. So, naturally, the mimics showed up to see if they could leech a little luck of Peli’s project.

It’s Creepy, Creepy Stuff



Others have decided that their lives are the same as Katie and Micah and are out to prove it. Exhibit A? The video included herein. It is actually part of a series where another couple try to out the spirit in their home by using a stationary video camera. That’s right – the same set up as Peli used for Paranormal Activity. Some say the clips are staged. Others believe in the supernatural. You need to watch and decide for yourself.

And It Makes Sense That People Would Want To Imitate It



Both Artistically And Financially



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