Bullying is no longer the secret rite of passage that everyone has to suffer through in order to move along in school. Back in the day, being picked on and taunted was seen as part of growing up, the older kids using the opportunity to take advantage of those who are lower on the educational (and biological) pecking order than they are (just like what happened to them before).

Bullying Is No Longer Acceptable Behavior



But today, we seen the damage that can be done. We recognize the healing that has to occur. And we sense several generations of bad behavior that has to be eradicated and not allowed.

Frankly, It Never Was



Of course, any policy of prevention – and punishment – should start at home. Parents need to step up and take bullying as seriously as they want the rest of society to take it. They can’t pass off the responsibility for their child. On the other hand, they have to acknowledge their own complicity in the matter, and make amends for such a lax attitude before.

Nothing Good Comes From It


In the video you will see on the second page, this foreign mother will not tolerate her daughter’s derogatory approach to a classmate. The child in question has cancer, and has lost all her hair due to chemotherapy. When little Miss Thing mocked her, and her Mom found out, she made sure she’d never do it again.

People With Cancer Don’t Choose To Shave Their Heads



Bullies Need To Understand That



What Did This Mother Do? Continue On And See For Yourself.