Remember back when you were a small child how comforting the arms of your parents were when you needed to be sheltered from something that made you feel sad or hurt? All it took to make you feel better was wrapping yourself up in those big strong arms and hearing the sound of your mom or dad’s voice telling you it was going to be okay.

Popiando’s Two-Year-Old Daughter Tiara Was Sad, So She Sought Comfort In Her Father’s Arms

When two-year-old Tiara Vazquez had a falling out with one of her buddies recently, she knew exactly who to run to for comfort. Her dad Popiando Vazquez, an Uber driver from the Bronx, was ready to console his little girl who was in tears after being called “bad” by one of her playmates.

He Was There To Console Her With His Embrace

Because Popiando keeps his phone on and recording during his shifts, he just so happened to capture Tiara’s tearful exchange on camera. And once you see his special conversation with his daughter, it might leave you feeling a little teary-eyed from his loving advice: “Don’t let them see you cry, OK?”

There’s Nothing More Special Than A Kiss From Dad

After uploading it to his Instagram account, the sweet capture between father and daughter gained over two million views! Proof positive that a big hug from a parent is sometimes all you need to get through the tough times.

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