January 20th marks the 2017 Presidential Inauguration. This date is particularly heavy for many considering the less than liberal, gossip driven and highly controversial debates that led up to the shocking results, deeming none other than Donald Trump to be the next Head Of State, It’s sort of hard to say and even harder to write as word in type always seem more permanent than those spilled in random conversation. As thrilled or gravely disappointed as you may be the truth is this is it and the conversation on the future of the good ol’ USA is from from over.

There is one person making sure that not only his voice, but the voices of those who likely feel the most isolated and fearful of their place in this great nation, are heard. Immigrants, women, the LGBT community, Muslims, Blacks, Hispanics any honestly anyone that can be classified as different from the heteronormative, caucasian and Christian ideals. This guy, known as Shepard Fairey is the artist responsible for the infamous “HOPE” image you saw plastered and printed throughout Obama’s first Presidential Campaign. Still in a mindset of “HOPE” and “CHANGE, Fairey has not only illustrated some seriously moving images which speak volumes for the results of the 2017 election but he has found a way to make his message is heard loud and clear.

With the help of a GoFundMe and a few large donations to his cause, Fairey has raised $1 million dollars to make his work available to you and yours via download so that not a city street or bustling corner is without minority representation.

Reminicent Of His Original ‘Hope’ Image, With An Equally Powerful Message

Fairey’s work serves as a voice for those who need it most. His moving images don’t just speak for one, but for entire groups of people who need to be heard more than ever before.

From Women To Minorities…

Fairey represents those in fear of what is to come as we Inagurate Donald Trump

Because Everyone’s Life Matters

And every person deserves to be heard.

Will You Take The Time To Print And Post Fairey’s History Making Works?

It’s not everyday that we inaugurate a new leader of the United States. Will you sit quietly on the sidelines or stand up for your rights?

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