Just days ago, what should have been and really was a great time enjoying good music and the no holds barred Vegas life quickly turned from a dream to a nightmare. Concert-goers never could have guessed that the country music fest would have turned into terror and bloodshed.

In total, a devastating death toll of 59 people were killed. 500 others were badly injured and taken to nearby hospitals for treatment.

The attack, as mentioned above was a shock to everyone involved and the rest of the world as the news quickly spread. Seeming to come out of nowhere, victims and bystanders alike, watched in terror.

Now, new information supports the possibility that this attack was foreshadowed on the internet about a month back.

An anonymous post on a message board seems to have had some insight that allowed him to predict that something like this shooting was about to take place.

READ ON to WITNESS the posts which may have been predicting the Las Vegas attack…