Promise’s skills are so on point that she has nicknamed herself the ‘human chameleon’ and it seems to be a very fitting name.

Can we talk about how on point this Mariah Carey Transformation is? Holy moly! She looks more like Mariah than Mariah looks like Mariah!

Introducing a slightly effeminate, Ed Sheeran. Okay, Now that Tamang has proven she can make herself look like any other human, let’s see what other tricks she has in her makeup bag…

Promise has transformed herself into a real-life Bratz doll. Oh it’s good. This woman is perhaps, one of the most talented makeup artists out there.

Dig it or not-one thing is for sure-this is pretty damn impressive.

You might have noticed that some folks can’t even manage to draw their eyebrows on straight, but not Promise. Promise can transform into practically anyone or anything!

Get the look! There’s a tutorial from this talented artist UP NEXT

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