It’s hard to believe that something like this could happen, especially given the world’s high alert status when it comes to airports and security. With terrorists setting their sights on such modes of travel and individual governments vowing to crackdown on such possible slights in protection, anything, not to mention something like this, lying around a terminal, would surely be immediate cause for concern.

Now, This Doesn’t Look So Threatening, Does It?



This One, However…



But for an entire week – yes, you read that right – a wooden box sat in the corner of a Beruit, Lebanon holding area, and no one bothered to check it out. The container was only about 16 inches tall, and it had holes drilled in it. Such a set-up should have told anyone paying attention what was going on here, but it took seven whole days before they decided to check it out.

And Something Like This Should Raise Suspicion



What they found inside was heartbreaking. It was also indicative of how many countries treat animals which are considered endangered and near extinction. For those of you out there who are unaware, there aren’t a lot of tigers left in the wild. Current estimates have their number in the thousands – around 3900 to be exact – and they are a protected species. Still, that didn’t stop this from happening.

Especially At An Airport



Where Plane And Passenger Security Are Top Priority



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