The reasons for it can be varied. Some want to look younger. Others want to look better. And then there are those who have suffered through a horrific accident or illness and require reconstruction on the roadway back to “normal.” But for the most part, a lot of what we call “plastic surgery” is elective, meaning no doctor is signing off on your enlarged breasts as a “health” necessity. From thinner noses to those annoying lip implants (yes, I want to look like a balloon animal gone to seed), the obsessives will leave no part of the person untouched. Some will even go so far as to model their new look on someone famous, almost always with laugh-inducing results.

Look at the folks featured below. If their concept of self-esteem wasn’t so sad, it would be laughable. Even with the depressing nature of their need, a good giggle in their face just might knock some sense into them. While the doctors who are dining out on their regular visits don’t seem to mind (or have the ethics or integrity to say “NO!”), someone close to them should be providing more wise counsel. Sure, it’s a mostly free world, and we have free will, but do you really have to drop $100K to look like a toy? Some people say “YES!” Some people are sad. Check it out.

Rodrigo Alves

Has spent untold amounts of money and has had numerous surgeries to look “perfect.” His butt is his latest obsession.




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Nanette Hammond

Has spent nearly a half a MILLION dollars to look like Barbie




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A Japanese woman who is obsessed with looking like an antique French china doll.





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