Cardi B has pretty much made a living by keeping it real. The dancer turned social media star eventually made her way to living room televisions via Love Hip-Hop: New York and finally into the music industry as a rapper.


She’s famous for her no holds barred, straight outta the Bronx attitude. Cardi basically came up off of her no filter attitude. It was her no filter attitude that got her likes and follows on the gram-leading to her success on screen and now onstage.

That being said is sort of makes you wonder why, considering Cardi’s past of consistently calling people out.-someone still thought it a good idea to casually grab at the rapper as she tried to make it through an airport the other day.
Cardi was once videoed going off on a fan who tried to get her attention while she was out and about. Making it clear that it had nothing to do with her “no-filter” attitude or the bad bih persona she had become so famous for on Love & Hip-Hop-Cardi insisted that she is just like the rest of us.


“It’s because sometimes I’m a human being, and you need to understand that I’m a human being.”

Cardi B seems to still be getting used to life under lights. It’s hard to have your every move on the radar all the time and the Bronx born and raised rapper knows this now more than ever.

This wasn’t the first time Cardi ran into trouble with ostentacious fans and it won’t be the last…

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