Mehmet Erdem has a few concept designs under his belt. The Istanbul-based creative has reimagined the BMW brand in more ways than one, but his latest work is the real story. With a goal for speed in mind, Erdem found inspiration for the Titan conceptĀ a world away. Drawing from the supreme power and sleek lines of a predatory shark, the artist left convention at the door. In fact, it was never a question. When world records are on the line, the rules of the status quo hardly apply.

The BMW Titan Concept

bmw titan concept

Erdem’s ferocious design isn’t all for show. The concept bike is meant to obliterate the current land-speed record of 376 mph. The massive rear wheel could provide neck-breaking acceleration, but the best part of the bike’s record breaking potential is in front. Looking like the Batman’s personal ride, the Titan encapsulates the driver in a sealed cockpit. No machine guns on this bike though: combat is not what the Titan is for.

Would You Ride In This Batpod Brother?

bmw titan concept

Just as well, the Titan will likely never see the production line. Despite the tantalizing aesthetics and expectations for unparalleled performance, the Titan will remain a teaser for the future market. The world land-speed record will remain as well; that is until theĀ 1,000 bph, 400 mph Triumph Rocket III Streamliner has its day!