In 2016, issues surrounding race and hate crimes hold their place at the top of headlines across the United States as well as in other nations. For a country that, for a majority was built on the backs of others it is hardly surprising to see that even with as much progress that we have had regarding equality and discrimination, racism is still very much alive.

The good news is, with each generation, these ideals seems to fade away a little farther into the past. Our children and our children’s children will hopefully be fortunate enough to come unp in a blended world where the amount of melanin that someone’s skin is kissed with does not factor into assumptions made towards them..

In the meantime, activists, leaders, and intellectuals are fighting for the change and contributing to a brighter future for the HUMAN RACE.

This Is Daryl Davis

Daryl Is A Musician First….


But That Is Not His Only Passion In Life…


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