It’s almost over. Soon, the skies will be grey and those tiny drops of liquid falling from the sky will turn from showers to flurries. Then, before you know it, those months when the snowfall turns to thunderstorms will be back and Mother Nature will water her planet with plenty of H2O.

Let’s Face It, We Need Rain



Naturally, we need to take shelter from such downpours, though there is usually little risk of getting much more than wet when they do arrive. You can always carry an umbrella, but that’s not a 100% guarantee for staying dry and while there are some incredibly stylish looks out there, and all for the express purpose of keeping that light sprinkle off your person, they do little when Momma N decides to open a can of weather whoop-a$$.

We Just Don’t Need A Hurricane’s Worth



Take something called a rain bomb. It’s literally looks like the name it’s been given. Sure, Nature’s Nurturer can unleash a whole case of meteorological fury. Tornados. Hurricanes. Wind Storms. Sand Storms. Tsunamis. Ice Storms. Electrical Storms. But a rain bomb is something all together different.

A Rain Bomb Is Different



Like a nuke dropped over a designated area, the sky opens up and in one massive monsoon, instantly dumps inches of rain onto a specific space. Also known as a ‘microburst,’ it can also contain winds of up to 150 miles per hour. Imagine a Category Four or Five Storm just suddenly starting right over you for some idea of the force – and the accompanying fear.

It’s Terrifying



And Deadly



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