When you picture your dream home what does it look like? Is it a secluded little cottage covered in vines and surrounded by trees at the end of a golden yellow street? Does your dream home boast more rooms than you could ever know what to do with?

Do you ponder over the possibility of owning your very own castle complete with gargoyles leering or your property for protection? Is your idea of a humble abode where you would ultimately like to call home something a bit smaller?

Perhaps something on wheels? Maybe you’d like to live on the road, in fifth wheel or an RV?  You know how the saying goes-“To each his or her own!”


Shelter style is just one factor in choosing a home. Now, we are assuming that money isn’t an issue here because we are talking dream home, right? (And in dreams anything goes!)

So, in a perfect world with your perfect home,where would you deem the perfect place to settle down? Do you prefer a life in the fast lane, perhaps a big city vibe? Or maybe you like a little drive home from work, ya know a cozy place in the suburbs.

You could choose a to settle in the mountains or by the beach that’s you call! (In a perfect world)

For this designer and architect he made his “perfect world” a desert environment and this “dream” home to be constructed out of shipping containers.

Introducing The Joshua Tree Residence,

This design is aesthetically pleasing from every angle! Take a look inside!