It wasn’t until 1974 that there was any variety at all when it came to fashion models. Before then, the covers of fashion magazines were plastered with very thin, very tall white women. At the time this was considered to be the perfect image of the ideal beauty”

Beverly Johnson was the first to change the game, becoming American Vogue’s first woman of color to appear on the cover.

While Johnson and Condé Nast didn’t change everyone’s idea of what beauty was, but it was certainly a step in the right direction.

After this groundbreaking moment more and more women with melanin-kissed skin began to grace the runway and covers as well. There were many models of color on European catwalks but none became international superstars like Iman.

Of course, as with everything, especially when it comes to the acceptance to different cultures and race in a verity ways, this transition from white-washed covers and runways took time. The truth is, the industry is still very discriminatory and still caters to a select few “looks.”

But that doensn’t stop a few bada** females from fiercely owning their less than traditional looks and posing for with the confidence of those with the likes of superstar model, Twiggy. Ashley Graham my not be a size zero but she is sexy.

In fact, Graham is credited for the body-positive movement in the industry over the last few years; she’s actually a champion of the “not everyone is a size 0” mentality. Graham is a size 16, much closer to the actual body standard of “normal” women. (But really, what’s normal? there is no universal”normal” in the larger scheme of things)

Graham is widely popular and undoubtedly gorgeous but there are many other beautiful women who are not being represented in fashion.

Until now.

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