We’ve sure come a long way in this world. We’ve learned to be accepting of so much that, just a few years ago, would be viewed as vile and almost repulsive. Take facial hair on women. At the turn of the century, circuses and carnival sideshows were celebrating the “freakish” nature of such females by advertising them for exhibition and exploitation. They were given names like “The Bearded Lady” and “The Animal Girl,” but more times than not, they were merely normal people suffering from a rare medical condition and, back then, there was no medical help to improve their lives.

Sometimes, however, the individual has to take matters into their own hands if they want a better quality of life. Alma has PCOS, otherwise known as Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, and this translates into a massive hormonal imbalance in her system. It can lead to mental problems, obesity, some very serious diseases – and yes, the appearance of unwanted facial hair. At first, Alma tried to hide her condition, but her efforts seemed futile. So she decided to own it, and with that decision came the haters. Of course, Alma ignored the trolls, making their criticisms even more harsh. But she doesn’t care – she wants to be a role model, not a source of ridicule. You go girl!

This Is Alma Torres


And This Is Her Facial Hair


She’s Tried To Get Rid Of It For Years


But Nothing Seemed To Work


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