Let’s cut to the chase: millions of men are going bald prematurely.


There’s no shame in it, it’s a natural cycle of life and maturation taking its course.




Think of all the celebrities and athletes that have or are in the process of losing their hair.


Do you think LeBron James cares that he’s balding at 32? Nope. He took a razor right to his melon over the summer and he’s laughing all the way to the bank.




Of course, not everyone is as rich and famous as King James, Boris Kodjoe, or Dwyane Johnson (real talk: the list goes on and on) so we get that you may not have their level of comfort in your hair loss, but they’ve made it fashionable, which should help your own insecurities.




Come on, can you even imagine The Rock with hair anymore?


If you aren’t a fan of the slick dome look, flip over to the next page for an alternate solution!