Erykah Badu is returning to the stage of the Soul Train Music Awards in 2016 just as she did last year. Badu, the modern day Queen of soul and arguably social media too promises to give audiences everywhere an award show worth watching too.

Last yeah Erykah was sure to stir the pot and keep crowds watching with her sense of humor,poking fun at herself, making jokes about hip-hop music and even calling Iggy Azalea out.

You can look forward to seeing a few mainstream favorites such as Beyonce and Drake who are swimming in nominations butdon’t worry there will plenty of variety in the mix. Including a few withstanding players in the R&B/soul scene such as Brandy and Edward Theodore “Teddy” Riley .

Soul Train Has Come A Long Way From The Golden Days


And For The Second Year In A Row, The Show Will Be Led By Miss Badu!


So If You Thought That Her Controversial Stutters From Last Year Would Have Earned Her A Seat In The Audience…


Guess Again, Because The Queen Is Back Again


Tell Him To Come Help You Get Your Stuff, But Leave The TV So You Can Catch The Soul Train Awards First!


Revisit One Of Badu’s Best Moments From Last Year’s Awards In The Quick Vid Up Next!