Celebrities invoke a fascination within fans and followers like no other. Everyone wants a piece of luxury. Everyone enviies the lifestyles of the rich and famous.

We want to know their deepest darkest secrets, their beauty secrets, who they sleep with and what they are wearing at all times.

Tabloids and headlines just cannot get enough of meddling into the lives of the big screen’s most handsome men and most radiant women.

We know practically everything about them now. From where they had lunch last week, to which dentist they prefer to see but one thing that’s missing…the past.

Fans rarely have a chance to see famous faces before it all began. The awkward stages-if they existed and their “prime” moments from back in the day.

Well, today it all changes because we have discovered, dug up and shared some of Hollywood’s most famous men and women before they became who they are today.

Blast from the past! These are those golden age prom and yearbook photos your favorite celebs before they made it big!

Brad Pitt

Even in the 80’s, Brad Pitt was quite the head-turner!