We have become obsessed with self. Or maybe a better way to put it would be that we have become so enamored of our own import that we have to be part of everything we do and remember, and thus the desire to capture said moments in images. The selfie. The selfie stick. Taking goofball photos at a Holocaust memorial. Making sure that trip to a WWII graveyard is not about the fallen, but about you, your pals, and the disrespectful faces you can make.

We Love Dolphins



Especially Baby Dolphins



Nature also loses out in these instances. A few months back, a group of tourists in Argentina were lambasted when they found a young dolphin swimming near the shoreline. Immediately, people rushed to take pictures with it because, well, you know, because the great outdoors is just Sea World with no admission fees. Sure enough, a crowd gathered and by the time they were done, the poor creature was dead. It had been out of the water too long.

We Can’t Get Enough Of Them



Of course there was a massive international outcry with the video of said rubes going viral across social media. Their actions were condemned, the experts and so-called pundits argued over it, and many believed it was a lesson learned, never to be repeated…until now. Yep, we are back in Argentina once again, and once again, a little baby dolphin got too close to a bunch of idiots. You can guess what happened next.

But When You Mix Idiot Tourists With Nature



This Is Usually The Result



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