If you have been alive and surfing the internet in the past year there is no way that you have not heard about the flat earth theory. As with any other social media craze, this one took Twitter and Facebook feeds by storm a few months ago.

According to many flat-earth believers their not so scientific theory can be proven by just one thing-sight. Ya know because if you can see it, then you can believe it-right?

The logic you ask? Well according to followers of this surprisingly popular 2017 opinion the proof is in the vision and we have been lied to for our whole lives…

“Flat-earthers claim the horizon will always remain completely flat to the observer, regardless of how high they travel and that people who claim to see the Earth’s curvature from a plane are lying.”


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There are plenty of folks trying to gather all the scientific evidence and logic that they can to prove this theory bonkers. On the flip side however, as with any great debate there must be those that truly believe. You might be surprised to learn that a few major industry players have publicly entertained the flat earth theory.

For some reason a few ballers agree with rapper, B.o.B. when it comes to this seemingly outrageous, yet somehow still discussed theory. Kyrie Irving, Draymond Green, Shaquille O’Neal and Wilson Chandler have been known to dabble in this less than scientific theory which has no doubt given the movement leverage.

Not alone in their ideals, rapper, B.o.B has made his views on the subject very clear since 2015. He has definitely made a name for himself outside of just the music industry, now as a well-known flat earther who is dedicated to helping prove this theory.

Standing strong in his beliefs B.o.B is rallying troops to help him defend his beloved flat earth theory. However lofty and idea or over-the-top a plan it may be, B.o.B. is determined to make his point.

Don’t get it twisted, he’s not alone in this venture either…

How will B.o.B prove that the earth is flat? With a little help from his friends, duh!