There are so many women in the world who fear wearing crop tops or hitting the beach in an itty-bitty two-piece. Plagued by the perfect images of young, thin, (and might we remind you-photo-shopped) images of beautiful women plastered on the cover of every magazine, billboard  and website they see-it’s hard for females to separate the real and fake some days.


Sex sells.Ad agencies have got this fact all figured out. There is nno way around exposure to the mass amount of unrealistic media that is constantly in rotation. Short of avoiding media altogether, that is.

Sometimes we forget to remind our mothers, sisters and daughter and wives that they are beautiful just the way they are. Oftentimes, the women in our lives feel burdened by the pressures of society to -for lack of better terms “Keep Up With The Kardashians.”



This artist who goes by the name of Zinteta finds so much beauty in the natural woman. Much of her art celebrates the female body in every form. A few of Zinteta’s works that really caught the eye of IG users feminists alike focused on something not so often glorified by mainstream media.



Models, actresses and other celebrity personalities seems o perfect They never seem to suffer the wear and tear of bearing children or aging like the rest of us do. At least, that part of their life is not often publicized. We are made to believe that women are supposed to be fit, fierce, flawless and young forever! The truth is, women no matter “peasant” or royalty-ALL WOMEN share similar experiences when it comes to stretchmarks, weight-loss or gain, aging, and next to impossible expectations to not only work,but to bear and raise children and to look damn good doing it!

Witness What This Artist Is Doing To Celebrate The All Powerful Woman UP NEXT