If you are a parent or have been fortunate enough to ever spend some one on one time with young kids then you will likely find the most joy in this quirky father’s renditions of his son’s sketches.The world as seen by a 6-year-old is a very different place with very different views that that of a world seen through the eyes of a well-seasoned adult.

There is beauty be found in simplicity and innocence and this father takes that every essence of his child’s drawings and recreates them into works of photoshop genius, brings the basic lines to life with a silly spin.

Short of taking a glance, these re-imaginations are hard to explain as you have likely never seen quite anything like this in your lifetime.

Check out a few of his works below to gain a little perspective on what it’s like to look out into this big, big world from the eye of an expressive child!

This Is Absolutely A Bunny Rabbit


But Do You See What This Is Meant To Be?


It Was A Long Shot But Of Course It’s A Giraffe!


Meow You See It?


A Stunning Portrait


Better Left Less Than Life-Like…


Wait Until You See The Elephant Drawing! It’s The Best!