Have you ever seen a photograph of a desolate and abandoned house and the way the artist captures the architectural lines and personality of the dwelling through their camera lens makes you feel connected to the old building?


True artists can find beauty in people, places, and things that others can’t and brings these subjects to life.


That’s exactly what Yulia Taits did last November when she published her photographic work, “Porcelain Beauty.”


“For some time I’ve had the idea to create and photograph a project featuring albino people or people with Albinism,” Taits writes. “Their unique beauty hypnotizes me. This beauty is so pure and amazing for me, as if it was taken from fantasies and fairy tale legends.”


Taits decided to explore Albinism more and what she found is so beautiful and majestic, it will take your breath away.

Tair & Gili

“As a photoshop artist, I have a passion to create fantasy worlds through my work and artistry. This series was an amazing experience for me because I could create this beautiful photography without photoshop. What transpired was pure natural beauty.” – Yulia Taits


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