Markeidric, is not like many other modern-American 23-year-olds. He began his lessons in art at just five year sold. This Atlanta based artist is no stranger to the game. He has mastered multiple mediums but his favorite style is reminiscent of his most admired artists and biggest influences such as Rembrandt, Leonardo da Vinci, and Edward Hopper.

While his style may seem odd at first, this Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) graduate has found a way to blend to opposing eras. With each stroke of his brush, Markeidric eloquently combines the trap vibe of major players in the trap music genre such as Young Thug and mainstream Queen, Badgalriri. It’s incredible what he has managed to do with a degree in painting, a free-spirit, and a whole lot of personality. See what Markeidric has been up to for yourself NEXT…

It’s Clear, His Years Of Training Are Paying Off…

Newest commission to date.

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Introducing Thugga Thugga

They key is being the middle man. Hip hop / classical art #SS3 @thuggerthugger1

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Look At That Detail!

The Septum really complements the collar don’t you think?

… This one for the HOME state

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He has a passion for trap music and the arts and has found a way to make the most of his talents by combining the two.

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