With all the negative energy, bad vibes, poor conditions and disaster in the world it is sometimes easy to forget about the good things in life.

That’s why we need stories like these about guys like this to remind us of the moments that make it all worth it



Patrick Kilonzo Mwalua is one of those people that make you feel like everything is going to be okay-it’s refreshing really.

When you learn what he committed to doing for the greater good of these animals,. you will certainly understand.

A rare hero, Patrick is someone who puts others’ needs ahead of his own. Except when we say”others” we mean animals.


Did you know that Kenya is suffering perhaps one of the worst droughts in the country’s history?

Of course, there are considerable efforts being made and contributions gathered for those in need, the animals are left to starve and go with out water out of lack of resources and efforts.

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