It’s Election Day 2017 and chances are your entire newsfeed is running rampant with differing opinions and heated discussions. Everyone thinks they have the answer. Everyone thinks they know best but no matter the divide the final decision will come to fruition at the end of the day.

Just after Donald Trump was nominated for the Republican seat in this high-tension presidential race Akon and OG Boo Dirty sat down to talk politics, history, race. The two artists were very clear when it came time to speak on things like discrimination and education. As two black men who grew up to be successful against the many odds going against them, Akon and OG are very logical and level-headed in their approach to the current state of the nation as well as the future.

The interview gets a little heated when Akon is asked to address comments he made about Trump, saying that he had compared the Republican candidate to an infamous Dictator…

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