For hundreds of millions of people across the world, air conditioning is a luxury that is often taken for granted.


In the United States, air conditioning is so prevalent in households that Americans are often criticized for their love of the cooling device.


A New Material For Cooling?


In other warmer climates, like Australia, they too use air conditioning on a daily basis.


But in India, a country with over a billion people and a very warm climate, only five percent of the population use air conditioning.


This Allows More People Access To Air Conditioning


While air conditioners may be adding to global warming, in many corners of the world they are expensive – both the units themselves and running them.


But an Indian design company has figured out a way to solve both issues.


It Looks Like Modern Art!


Ant Studio, which is based in New Delhi, has designed and built an innovative air conditioner that cools the air without using electricity.


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