If you are looking to test your limits, walk on the wild side and do something to risk your life fro thrills and chills, then this attraction is just the cure! Thailand’s Elephant Kingdom has opened a wild ride for those who are not afraid to get up close and personal with some of mother nature’s most terrifying creatures.

That’s right, at Elephant Kingdom you and your friends can sign over your life and hop on one highly questionable flotation device, grab a pole with nothing other than raw meat dangling from it’s end and feed a frenzy of “friendly” crocodiles! The good news? They shouldn’t be so desperately starved for snacks that they go for your limbs. The bad news? They are in fact crocodiles. Ya know, those sort of terrifying swamp creatures that resemble something from the Jurassic era?

It’s all good though. They only have like, sixty to seventy-two teeth in which they use to shred their prey apart, never bothering to chew as they swallow large portions of their meal in moments flat. Eh, but what could you be worried about? Everything will be fine!

These Daring Folks Took A Chance And Joined In!


Would You Grab A Pole And Prepare For The Feeding Frenzy?


Or Say ‘After-While Crocodile!’


Watch How It Really Goes Down In The Swamp In The Upcoming Video!