Have you ever had a bestfriend that you were so close to you considered yourself siblings?  It’s far from a rare occurrence for young boys and girls to find a friend in elementary school that they stick by through thick and thin, through the ups and downs of teen spirit ( or lack thereof LOL)

Did you have a friend like that? You know, the one friend that was invited to EVERY holiday get together .

Well, these two little girls are claiming they’re not just BFFs, they’re  sibk9inhgs. MNo, they’re blood family. Nl they are actually claiming to be full-on twin!

As it turns out, not everyone believes them…

Four-year-olds Zuri Copeland and Jia Sarnicola met in school and have been inseparable ever since.

The best friends do everything together like attend birthday parties, plays, and have tons of play dates like other little girls.

Recently Zuri and Jia were at a birthday party when they overheard two girls say they were sisters.

Excited, Zuri and Jia jumped in saying that they were in fact, twins! However,  the response they got was sort of heartbreaking. ( To say the least)

Intrigued? Read AHEAD to find out what happened NEXT…