Sneaker collaboration has reached an all-time high in the year of 2017. We’re seeing the biggest names in the shoe game link up with streetwear brands, graffiti artists, and high-end boutiques. Not only are these collabs becoming elusive collector items, they’re becoming very pricey.

Supreme May Be The King Of The Collab In 2017


Hender Scheme isn’t a household name yet, but those who know the Japanese company’s style know their upcoming designs with Adidas are going to be must haves for any sneaker enthusiast. It isn’t the first time they’ve customized Adidas before, it’s just the first time they’re working directly with the company.

Hender Scheme’s Past adidas Ultra Boost Customization

Hender Scheme is taking full advantage of their relationship with Adidas by creating three separate pieces with the German brand. They’ll be, according to Business of Fashion, collaborating on Micropacers, NMDs, and Superstars with the Micropacers being the first to drop.

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