After living a lifetime in captivity under horribly abusive circumstances, a 73-year-old elephant named Sook Jai has finally found freedom. She was forced to work under torturous abuse, being beaten and blinded by her cruel owners, who cared little for her well being.

Her heartbreaking situation got the attention of an animal rescue organization called the Elephant Nature Park, in Thailand. With funding help from iconic¬†’60s singer Joan Baez, Sook Jai was rescued and transported to green grass, glossy mud to roll around in and all the food she¬†ever dreamed of.

The moment was captured on video and it appeared Sook Jai was beyond grateful for being rescued. As tears rolled down her sweet face, it was reassuring to know she was finally free from the abuse she endured for way too long.

Several weeks after her rescue, the organization shared some happy images of her: “Sook Jai, our recent rescued elephant explore her new home and she learn so fast. Even though she is totally blind and cannot hear well but she knows where is the mud pit and she can get scratching on her back with the wooden bar easily. We are so proud of her strong spirit and love to see she enjoy the rest of her life at our park happily.”

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