She’s been nicknamed Gülümser. It means “she who always smiles.” It seems appropriate for an animal that suffered greatly, but was then given a second chance by someone you might not expect. You see, when this deformed little kitten was roaming the streets of Istanbul, no one would touch it. They wouldn’t even look past the obvious issues to offer a bit of comfort.

We Know It’s Hard To Look At



This Little Angel Clearly Suffered A Lot



The fragile feline, clearly suffering from a series of problems, was deemed “too ugly” and “too frightening” to bother with. As you can see in the photos, she was missing most of her nose, had a badly infected eye, and was ratty and malnourished. No one wanted her…

But Someone Wanted Her



Until a little seven-year-old girl came along. Poking around the garbage cans that Gülümser called home, she begged her parents to let her adopt the sad cat. Reluctantly, her father agreed and they took the sickly creature home with them. A trip to the vet later and something remarkable happened.

She Got The Treatment She Needed



And The Love She Deserved



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