There is something genuinely sad about abandoned places. It’s not just that they no longer function in the way they were intended, nor is it the idea that, sometimes, it was tragedy which caused them to close down. No, in most cases, the melancholy comes from all the people who passed through, what they brought to the space when they arrived, and what they left behind once they were gone.

No One Is Lining Up Anymore



The Cars Sit Still And Rotting



Amusement parks are the best example of this. For decades, a collection of ride and games can be a communal lifeline, everyone in a town or state coming together to experience the joy of the bumper cars, the frights of the haunted houses, and the thrills of the rollercoasters. But just like any business, a theme park cannot continue on without customers. Once they move on to other areas, most parks’ days are numbered.

Even Water Slides Lose Their Allure With Time



In the video you will see here, you will learn about 10 former tourist attractions around the world. Most of them served their fans well. Others barely got off the drawing board. Nature claimed a couple. Money – or the lack thereof – undermined most. There is folly afoot at every fictional street corner, and the lazy spirit of loss hovering over it all. Urban adventurers love to trespass at these places because they provide such magical imagery.

Such Amazing Visuals Lost



Such Formerly Fun Places Now Fallen



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