It’s always been part of the so-called American Dream. Along with getting married, having kids, and finding a job you can enjoy and make into a career, owning a home is perhaps the biggest step in achieving that goal. While you can prioritize the parts anyway you want, but in the end, property is permanent. Everything else can be fleeting at best. Four walls and a roof atop a firm foundation is much more dependable, and for many, desirable.

But there is a big leap from living the dream and living in your dream home. For many of us, the idea of having unlimited cash and the ability to building (or buy) whatever we want sends out imaginations a flutter. A pool? Certainly. An indoor version? Why not? How about your own tennis or basketball court? Maybe? A massive spa bathroom? A huge master suite? The list goes on and on. Perhaps the 10 houses highlighted here will provide insights into your future digs. Check them out:

The Monolithic Dome


The design is very artistic and almost futuristic.

The DomeSpace


Kind of the same idea as above, except with a more wooden UFO-like feel.

The Drew House


Wait – is that a silo on its side?

The Shape Spear


Like wonderful little boxes stacked on top of each other.

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