Jay-Z and his Queen Bey stay at the top of headlines. From their musical projects to their pop cultural and hip-hop influence influence to their support of causes they contribute most of the Carter family’s lives is publicized.

Recently, Jay was kind enough to spend some time with the press while attending The 2017 Sundance Film Festival. The artist and entrepreneur was there promoting Time: The Kalief Browder Story; a six part docuseries.

Things Were Going A-Ok…💯

Jiggaman was easy, vibes were all good until a hasty journalist had to go THERE.

That’s When Hova Had To Put The Brakes On

He wasn’t even trying to talk Trump. For once the rapper hoped to avoid talking politics wiht the press.giphy (2)

Ya Boy Said ‘Nah’

Just that simple. That’s it and that’s all. Interview ain’t happenin’!

giphy (1)

Looks Like Jay Would Rather Not Talk Politics…

At least in this context. Better luck next time. This eager reporter pretty much blew it for the rest of the press.
giphy (3)

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