Are you intrigued by the wonders of the universe? Do you find yourself eyeing the stars at night and wondering what else is out there beyond the reach of our human eye? You are definitely not alone. The endless possibility that and unsurmountable vastness of outerspace is enough to catch the of any spirited soul.

It doesn’t take interest to learn about space in modern day. The known workings of our universe and others out there have become the subject of many grade school studies. Thank to technological advancement, the human race has made major strides in the subject of space exploration.

…4-3-2-1…BLAST OFF!


Along the way, you may have been ill-informed of a few facts about the mysterious and beautiful place we cal outer space. Have no fear. You just so happened to stumble upon the truth! Read ahead to make sure you aren’t fooled by these 8 common space myths!


#1 Mercury Is The Hottest Planet

Just because Mercury is the closest to the sun doesn’t necessarily mean that it is the warmest of the solar system. Actually, Mercury can reach temperatures of up 420 degrees fahrenheit but Venus never drops below 462 degrees fahrenheit.

#2 The Moon Has A Dark Side…

Actually, rays of sun hit every angle of the moon since the moon and the earth revolve on the axis,  rays of the sun reach all the parts of the moon.

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