It seems an unfortunate part of our culture that that the elderly become sort of forgotten with age. No longer in their prime, it’s as if younger generations forget that back in the day these folks lived interesting lives. They contributed to society in their own unique ways. Sometimes it seems as though we forget this, leaving our elderly generations to “fend for themselves.”

The Elderly Should Not Be Forgotten


Sometimes, fate steps in and smacks us in the face, offering us a great lesson in “there before the grace of God.” We can never assume that the person we are pitying needs more than a leg up, a shoulder to cry on, and in most cases, a helping hand. No one wants to be helpless and needy. Most of us, no matter the age, want to simply be self-sufficient, safe, and secure. But when reality has other plans, it sometimes takes a village to make things right.

Many Need Our Support And Assistance


For Theresa Hernandez, a 71-year-old woman living in Phoenix, every day is a struggle. With heat sweltering to over 100 degrees on a regular basis, she had spent the last few months in her car. Yes, she had a home, but she had mentioned in was “inhabitable.” When a neighbor walked by and inquired if he could help, the true extent of the tragedy was finally understood. It was a truth that many want to deny but is all too frequently the honest state of things.

Theresa Hernandez Is One Such Example


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