Our world is a diversely beautiful place, filled with people from every country, color and background imaginable. For those of us blessed enough to be able to travel to every corner of this vast planet, our eyes and minds are fortunate enough to be able to experience the bounty of cultures and people we wouldn’t ordinarily get to see.

For those of us who aren’t able to hop on the next flight to an exotic locale, we are lucky to be able to see such diversity through the eyes of talented photographers. Take a look at the images of the uniquely beautiful women below.

Their stunning looks help challenge our everyday perception of beauty and diversity.

1. Khoudia Diop


When Khoudia first began modeling at 17, she didn’t lose sight of her goals. After being bullied as a child for the color of her skin, Khoudia vowed to be a source of inspiration for all by promoting all types of diverse women with an organization called The Coloured Girl, Inc.

2. Fritz Liedtke’s Freckled Beauties2

Fritz’s moment of inspiration came during a dinner out with friends. Enchanted by one of his friend’s freckles, he brought her out into the street to immediately capture her freckled beauty. He has been photographing people with freckles ever since.

3. Connie Chiu3

Connie is considered to be one of the most sought after albino models in the fashion world. Born in Hong Kong and later moved to Sweden, Connie is one of four siblings. The established jazz singer and part-time model has a background in art and journalism.

4. Nikia Phoenix4

Nikia says she was a target for being teased in school for her uniquely beautiful looks. On her blog, she wrote she was treated like an alien. “I was tall and skinny with reddish hair and spots on my face. ‘Black people don’t have freckles’ or ‘you act like a white girl’ were a few of the things I heard from my classmates.” The model says she pushes for equality every step of the way and is an inspiration to girls and women all around the world.

5. Winnie Harlow5

Winnie first caught the eye of model Tyra Banks on Instagram. Tyra asked her to compete on America’s Next Top Model, where she went on to place fifth. Winnie, who has a skin disorder called vitiligo, has helped others find inspiration with her high visibility in the modeling world.

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