The cult-classic film has held its place in the film game since the day it dropped on April 26, 1995. More than just a cliche stoner flick, the film ‘Friday’ speaks to generations. It’s really a film about nothing. It’s a film about the everyday,mundane details of life.It’s  a film about making the best of what you got.

Not only is the cult-classic film hilarious and mad entertaining, but it speaks to a the majority of people. No matter how different our hustles may be or our problems may range we are all just doing the best we can to make the best of our journey.

There is a reason that this film has held it’s place and kept such a cult film following , actually there are at least 7 reasons…

It’s Too Real1

 This Hair Flip…Changed The Game


It Reminds Everyone To Laugh At Themselves Sometimes


And To Step Your Game Up…4

Don’t Even Think About Pullin’ A ‘Byee Felicia’ Peep Page 2!