Millions of people struggle with their weight and if you’re one of  them, you know just how easy it can be to put on the pounds…and how difficult it can be to drop them.


Sometimes, it feels like a constant cycle.


While some manage to get their weight under control through diet and exercise, the struggle continues for others.




Maintaining a healthy weight can feel like a lifelong struggle that never ends.


That was definitely the case for Amber Rachdi, an Oregon woman, whose weight at one point was more than 650 pounds.




Amber’s body had become so heavy that she found it difficult to perform simple tasks like walking and even using the bathroom.


After years of trying and failing to lose the weight, Amber made the decision to undergo gastric bypass surgery.




The TLC series My 600 Pound Life chronicled Amber’s weight loss journey 600 Pound Life, and her transformation was so incredible that it caught the attention of the world.

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