Let’s be real, having a small waist in proportion to curvy hips and a little something up top to complete the “optimum” hourglass  shape is #Goals for so many young women.

For some really determined girls and women this means-skipping meals , exercising, and even waist training.

For others who will go to an length to reach their body goals-this means surgery and lots of it.

But as y’all know, there are always those people who just have to take everything to the extreme.

Pixee Foxx is definitely one of those people and she is proud of the body that she and her team of surgeons have created.

Over the years, Pixee has had more than 200 surgical procedures in an effort to resemble the beautiful, Amazonian , super-hero(ine)-Wonder Woman.

The fact that she’s done all of that to look more like a person who doesn’t even exist is proof that she has absolutely no chill. But she isn’t letting anyone’s opinions stop her, and after a recent appearance on This Morning, people have lots of opinions.

During her time on the show, Pixee proudly displayed her 16-inch waist. While she thought she was killin’ the competition, people in the audience were shocked – and not in a good way.

See the unbelievable footage from Pixee Foxx’s appearance on This Morning…