When you hear hear the word orgasm, it triggers an immediate intrigue. Attraction, arousal, and sex are part of the air we breath. It is one of the beautiful things about the human experience and the joy of pleasure seeking and connection. but what happens when the ultimate please, the orgasm becomes painful? What happens when this desired  feeling becomes one more likely to ensure anxiety and stress rather than relief and elation?

For Amanda Gryce this has become a life-changing reality, affecting her day-to-day life and unsurprisingly her ability to find love. Until now that is…

Amanda Gryce Suffers A Rare Condition…


Amanda Suffers From A Rare Condition Called Persistent Sexual Arousal Disorder



Causing Her To Have Uncontrollable Orgasms Up To 50 Times A Day!


It Can Be Very Painful For The 24-Year-Old


Amanda Has Been Dealing With This Life-Altering Disorder For Over A Decade But The Future Is Looking Bright For Bryce! FIND OUT WHY On The Next Page!