More famous for his entrepreneurship, acting career and most certainly his “beefs” than his rap career, 50 Cent has done it yet again. His latest tiff might just become more notorious than the rest. Why you ask? Well, this time Fifty is stirring the pot with UFC champion,Conor McGregor.


Beef and Hip-hip go together just like the music genre and fashion or rap and hoops do.

The list of Hip-hop beefs is long and iconic, starting before anyone even knew a rap feud had started and brought to light by LL Cool J and Kool Moe Dee with their clapback tracks, “How Ya Like Me Now?” by Moe and “Mama Said Knock You Out” from LL.


But no one’s had as many beefs as 50.

He hardly cares who he’s beefin’ with. Basically, he doesn’t discriminate at all.

Regardless of age, sex or gender Fifty puts everyone on the same playing field.

He’s gotten into a public sparring match with his ex, Vivica A. Fox and with Taraji P. Henson over their duelling TV shows.


His latest challenge could actually cause him some damage, at least physically.

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