Everyone has received at least one of those annoying phone calls or emails begging for assistance in getting you your misplaced funds. All they need is access to your credit card or checking account number and in return they will allocate their excess of cash to you and yours. It’s just as easy as 1-2-3! Piece of cake! Slice of pie! Right?


The story is always the same. A late night call or email implying that there is a large some of money tied up. The operator on the other end of the phone has a sob story about how they cannot get to their funds and if you will help them to transfer the funds by paying the taxes on them, then in return you will receive a large sum for yourself.



It Sounds Like A Pretty Sweet Deal

Keyword; SOUNDS  Of course, this scam is just that.  A SCAM. There is no money to be transferred.. There are no taxes to be paid.


So When Authorities Discovered This Stack Of Cash…

Hidden in an Nigerian apartment, of course the jokes began to roll.

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