Can you imagine NEVER being alone? Can you imagine having all eyes on you , all the time? Well for those that make it big, earning themselves a celebrity title, this is a near reality. When you are as high-profile as some of Hollywood’s biggest names, the music industry’s greatest players or any role really that draws attention to image, comes great responsibility.

Not only are celebrities constantly being watched and judged for their every move, lover, bad decision and outfit they sport, but there is more. You see, in order for the general public to buy in to the tabloids and watch their favs every move, there must be paparrazi.

Well these celebs decided to show off their sense of humor and share their good wits by snapping back at sneaky paparazzi! You better believe, the results are just too hilarious to miss.

Benedict Cumberbatch


Dustin Hoffman


You Already Know Jim Carrey Has Jokes

Benedict Cumberbatch Is Too Much


Emma Stone And Andrew Garfield


Leonardo Dicaprio Is Too Good At This Game


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