It’s such  a disheartening reality that we live in , in 2016 when women are still living in fear of their lives. This fear is far from unjustified which became violently clear after this stomach-turning news came to fruition.

Sadly, a 30-year-old woman lost her life due to extreme laws forbidding her from entering town without a close male relative. The woman who lived in Afghanistan was beheaded in the small, Taliban ruled,  Latti in Sar-e-Pul province. The vicious act was reportedly carried out by 5 men.


The Woman Went Into Town For Supplies


Except In This Town, The Taliban Rules…2


And There Are Very Strict Rules That Women Must Abide By…


These strict rules included staying completely covered from head to toe in the tradition Burka and also to nevr the home without the accompaniment of a close male relative. This rule are not taken lightly. When this woman left her home , she knew the risk, but it was fight or flight at that point. With her husband in Iran, she had no other option but to go into town alone. Little did she know that, that would have been her last trip.

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